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This modern conference table is from Stoneline Designs' Tangent line. It was custom built for a large church in Baltimore, Maryland.  The Tangent line combines a steel and aluminum base with either a glass or stone top.  This customer chose our beautiful Absolute Black Granite table top with 4 integrated data/wiring ports.

The elegant design of the conference table looks great with the clean lines of the room. We hope you enjoy the table for years to come.

See the table assembled below.


Watch below as the granite table top is installed onto its base.  The large granite table top is made from our Absolute Black Granite with a polished finish.  The Tangent Conference table is also available with a glass top. Press play to start.


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Conference Table Power: Wiring Trough

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Option: Wiring Trough with Sliding Covers. Our wiring trough option is available for the Crescent or Vector series only. A double rail system is used through the center of the conference table to support the top. The rails incorporate a track system that guides sliding covers. These covers can be finished in Brushed Aluminum, Powder-coated or veneered with Wood. Covers slide open to expose wiring plates that can be fitted with a variety of power and data jacks. There are fixed covers between the sliding ones that hide the top of the wiring trough. Wires are fed through the pedestal and hardwired to the electrical plates. The trough can be used as a raceway to run wires between pedestals, so that it is possible to feed wires up through only 1 location.
Wiring plates can be specified with 1, 2 or 3 duplex power outlets. Data outlets are fitted in 3 or 4 removable inserts per plate. The inserts can house duplex data jacks (cat.5 rj45 as standard) or a variety of other outlets including VGA, audio, etc.

Alternate Wiring Options. Several flip-top style wiring modules are available, and can be incorporated into any of our conference tables. Occasionally a client will specify a particular module from a different vendor and we work with them to fit it in our tables. These modules often have a small lip on the top that is designed to set on the top of the table surface.

Any Stoneline conference table can include a custom power/wiring system. Electronic devices such as computer, projector, or video conferencing equipment can connect to power and data ports cleverly concealed in the conference table top. 

WiringGrommet.jpgStoneline Designs offers many different power/wiring options in all their custom made conference tables including the following:

  • Power/Wiring Grommet.   Electronics plug into two power and two voice/data ports (cat. 5) inside a 4" diameter hole in the table top. The wires and power/data outlets are concealed by a Brushed Aluminum cover cap.
  • Center Power/Wiring Trough.  A sliding Brushed Aluminum cover conceals Power and voice/data ports (cat. 5). Each sliding cover includes 2 power and 2 voice/data ports. Additional wiring and power or data outlets are easily accomodated for greater electronic conferencing needs.
  • Pop-up Power/Wiring Box. (Crescent table only) Four power outlets and four voice/data ports (cat. 5) inside a 5" diameter wiring box which raises up out of the table top, and pops down for concealment. Pop-up wiring box is accessed from both sides of table. Electronics and power cables are run through the pedestal, typically to power outlets in the floor.
  • Flip-up Power/Wiring Box, Side Access. Electronics plug into one power outlet, two voice/data ports (cat. 5), audio port and VGA port inside a 5" diameter wiring box which raises out of the table top, and pops down for concealment. Wiring access from one side of flip-up box only.
  • Pass-through Power/Wiring Hole. An economical alternative, the pass-through wiring hole is simply a channel in the table pedestal in which the customer's own wires, electrical and power cables can be run. The wiring hole is covered by a removable 2" diameter cap.
  • Wiring in Pedestal. When the table design includes a pedestal, the wiring grommet or pop-up box will be centered over the pedestal, concealing wires, electrical and power cables within for a seamless, professional appearance. Many conference rooms include a power outlet in the floor under the table pedestal, making power cables and electrical wires completely invisible.
  • Wiring Column. If the table design does not feature a pedestal, a wiring column is placed between leg plates to conceal wires, electrical and power cables. Click here for photo of a wiring column in an Axis conference table.
Stoneline Designs recently completed this granite conference table for a law firm in Las Vegas, NV. 
The conference table, from our Crescent line, features a boat shaped top in polished absolute black granite. Power and data ports are hidden in a wiring channel with sliding covers along the center of the table. Stainless steel panels on the pedestal are removable for wiring access.

Our most popular option for conference table power and data ports is the 4" wiring grommet, shown here in a frosted glass conference table top:
The wiring grommet fits into the tabletop and includes two power and two data jacks. There is also an open space in the side of the grommet, allowing additional wires to be run if necessary. The grommet is covered by a removable brushed aluminum cover when not in use. The top of the grommet is recessed so that the aluminum cover sits flush with the surface of the table top. We polish and edge detail the wiring hole, creating a focal point of the design of the table.

The grommet is centered over the pedestal so that wires can be run seamlessly through the pedestal into the floor. A removable panel in the pedestal provides easy access to wiring for maintenance. For additional power and data ports, multiple grommets can be installed in the conference table, up to one per pedestal.

Spring has arrived in North Carolina, and when weather permits, our artisans move some of their work outside. Here Mace uses a diamond drum to polish the wiring hole in a glass conference table top.

When the conference table is assembled, the hole will be fitted with a wiring grommet which houses power and data jacks under a removable cover. Most wiring grommets are flanged to cover the edge of the hole, and sit up on top of the table. Stoneline uses a grommet without a flange which is set flush with the tabletop surface, leaving the edge of the hole exposed. We hand polish and edge detail the hole, creating a focal point in the design of the table.

Running water reduces friction as Mace works, and tape protects the glass table top in case the diamond drum slips.

This four inch diameter hole in a granite conference table will be fitted with a wiring grommet which holds 2 power and 2 data outlets under a removable cover. 

Even the inside of a wiring hole, which is not seen by anyone once the wiring is in place, receives the same attention to detail as every aspect of our furniture. The inside of the hole has been sandblasted, beveled on the edge, and polished to match the top.


Our new bamboo conference table, the latest addition to Stoneline Designs' line of office furniture, features the wiring trough with sliding cover. The cover slides open to reveal wiring plates which can be fitted with a variety of power outlets and data ports. When closed, the cover conceals the power outlets.

Move the mouse over the image below to see the wiring trough open and close:

The wiring grommet is our most popular option for adding wiring/power to a conference table. A 4" hole is cut into the table top, and fitted with a wiring grommet including 2 power and 2 phone/data jacks. The grommet includes a removable cap and is positioned over the pedestal so that wires can be concealed within the pedestal.

In these photos, Stoneline Designs artisan Mace uses a drill press with a diamond bit to cut a grommet hole in a granite conference table top. The table is a multiple piece top, so the grommet must be positioned exactly over the break between two pieces. Clamps hold the pieces secure so they do not shift during the cutting process.

Cutting each hole requires a steady hand, and takes 10-15 minutes for a granite top, longer for glass. Plus the time to measure and position the hole, and secure the pieces and tools in place.

Running water keeps the diamond bit cool as it cuts through the granite stone. Without water the heat generated by friction would cause the bit to expand and possibly shatter. 

The finished hole! Even the inside of a wiring hole, which no one will see, receives the same care and attention to detail as all parts of our tables: it will be sandblasted inside, beveled on the edge, polished to match the top, and then fitted with the grommet.

We just received this note from a customer who had purchased a conference table with built in power/data, and matching credenza. It really made our day.

The furniture arrived yesterday. It is unbelievable, and completely exceeded my expectations. I am a very details oriented person, and Monte's attention to details and use of quality materials is unlike anything I've ever seen. Things like matching covers over screw holes, routed indentations so the center outlet cup doesn't hang up on screw holes, grommeted cord pass-throughs and vents in the credenza, routed finger pulls, set screws in the power cups to perfectly adjust their height, soft felt backing on the back of the outlet cup covers so they don't scratch the glass, and so on. The weight and quality of the materials also deserves note. The 3/4" scratched glass is beautiful. The steel box tubing and 1/4" steel pipe used for the outlet cups is substantial. The stuff is weighty, beautiful, and functional. I purchase a lot of high-end "designer" furniture, but none of it compares to this. I literally stumbled across Stoneline Designs doing a web search for a conference table, and I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision to use you guys. In a world of poorly designed, mass-produced, cheaply constructed furniture, you guys stand alone in my opinion. Cutting edge contemporary designs crafted with true artisan hand-made craftsmanship. Rock on Stoneline.
--Thanks, Don
Bass & Company Management Consultants

Thanks Don, we're so glad the conference table and credenza are happy in their new home. Rock on!


Stoneline Designs recently completed this glass conference table for DuMOL Wines. DuMOL, an estate vineyard in California's Russian River Valley, wanted a distinctive table for their conference room. We custom designed a table in our Crescent line, with our patterned scratched glass finish for the top and integrated wiring. The wiring is concealed under round grommets for a seamless appearance when the table is not in use.

0091-Sigma7 12.jpg

Stoneline Designs completed this glass conference table for a professional workplace environment firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. The table, from our Crescent line, seats 14 and includes a wiring trough running down the center of the table to provide power and net access for laptops. A sliding cover conceals the wiring when not in use. Our "Patterned Scratched" Glass finish complements the open, spacious feel of the conference room.


Option: Wiring Grommet. The wiring grommet is an excellent solution to build power/ wiring into a conference table. It is unobtrusive when not in use, and provides basic outlets plus the flexibility to add additional cables through the pass-through hole. If more outlets are required multiple grommets can be installed, up to one per pedestal.

Our 4"d wiring grommet includes 2 power, 2 phone/data (cat.5 rj 45) outlets as standard. The duplex data/phone jacks can be replaced with a variety of other jacks, but there is an alternative designed into the grommet to accommodate another corded outlet. The grommet is recessed below the surface of the conference table top and includes a 1x2" pass-through opening. A corded VGA outlet (or similar) can be passed through this opening and left loose inside the cup when not in use. The cord can be pulled out to connect directly to a laptop without the need for a patch cord to connect to a fixed jack. If an audio jack is needed in combination with the VGA, the cords can be tied together and pulled out in tandem.

Pricing for the 4"d wiring grommet includes the grommet with outlets, a housing (secured to the pedestal with set-screws from inside the grommet), a finished hole through the table top, (Hand-polished in Glass tops, Sandblasted finish in Stone tops), and a removable Brushed Aluminum cap. The round cap has overlapping cutouts that can be closed or spun open to allow wires to pass. The grommet is fixed at 3/8" below the top surface of the table to allow a place for the cap to sit where it is captured by the exposed sides of the Stone or Glass top. This detail highlights the material of the top rather than hiding the transition with a lip that sits on the surface.
The grommet ships with a 6' power pigtail that can be plugged directly into a floor outlet. The data jack need to be hardwired as they can be configured several different ways (such as for data or phone connectivity). The grommet is removable from above, through the top, so it can be serviced after the table is set-up.

Next time we'll look at another option: the wiring trough.

Conference Table Power & Wiring

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As more and more conferences include high-tech applications like videoconferencing or online presentations, power and data ports are becoming a necessity for many conference room tables.

How Does It Work? Power and data ports are built into the table top, concealed beneath a sliding or removable cover. Wires run through the table pedestal, and removable panels in the side of the pedestal provide access for maintenance. Typically a power outlet is installed in the floor under the pedestal, making the power completely seamless.

What Do You Need? Before ordering your wired conference table, think about how the table will be used and how many people will need to plug in their computers. As is often the case with new technology, many businesses find that they use the power in their conference table more than they expected. So it is better to plan for more than you think you need, and have enough if your needs expand. Rather than to compromise, end up with less than you actually need and have to retrofit the table later to add more outlets. If you are unsure of what you need, our designers can help you make this decision.

Next time, we'll look at some of the options available in conference table wiring & power.

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